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Have you been living under a rock?

How innovation really works in practice. Seven emergency procedures.


You know your business and you are successful – practical and down-to-earth. Your are committed to  personal and long-term engagement. That’s why it is so important not to stand still and to develop your products and services with a sense of proportion. There is no lack of ideas, however they regularly will not be implemented.


“Just create the right framework conditions!” says Sabine Wittig, the expert for implementation. In this speech she demonstrates on the basis of numerous examples, how your managers and staff pull together and how your ideas for new products and services will be realized successfully.



1.       Master of day-to-day business

2.       Start to manage your projects effectively

3.       Use talents and perspectives

4.       Communication instead of information

5.       Caution: Resistance

6.       Secret weapon consistency

7.       Are you a leader or are you still practicing?



Innovation management works – you just have to move and do the right things right.


Target group:

Decision makers of middle-sized-companies.



From 30 up to 60 minutes, time-varying.





“THE expert for customer oriented processes. She convinces by a structured and implementation-oriented working method and she knows what she is talking about. She identifies the major points quickly, respects details without loosing the sight of the aims. What she tackles will be implemented. With empathy and acceptance on all levels.”

Tanja M. Schlesinger, Vice President On-Board Service, Deutsche Bahn  Fernverkehr AG(German Railway)


“One of the best  speeches we listened to at our regular management conferences. She points out what is important: in a professional, lively and practical manner.”

Jürgen Hagenlocher, Managing Director, Videor GmbH